How I Remain Calm in the Face of Adversity

Submitted by wallpaper on Tue, 07/11/2017 - 19:21

fknfknfknfknfk fk fk fk f k fkn fk. Stert wef thet. ALOUD and inner voice too. inner voice also known as thoughts if you didnnt hallready nkow.

therapy. what is the mind, an icon of thought. just a dribble between your thumb and forefinger in a maasaage of guilt. therapy. what is the mind. dash it all to hell. therapy. coping. copinghagen. voping. lab coat because i mean why not. lampshade helmet as a form of therapy in a room just you just you just you and the other person maybe a woman maube a man who asks you a question and you anser but do you really and are they listening or just pretending to listen a robot could do this job and then an explosion of anger and a moment of introspection and then and then and then! a resoolution of sorts but not really because and i say this as your doctor who and what i am not. therapy. what is the mind if not tempororary her one minute and gone the next and then here and then gone and then here and then and then and then 

i hada once a yoyo. i had a banana. ate it. what does that say about how far a banana has to travel to be eate, absurd if you had to explainit to the banana. hey banana you are going to travel hundreds of miles and ripen during the journey and when you arrive in a place that can no magic bananas from the earth some outrageous handsome actor weel eet ye. how does a banana remain calm int eh face of adversity

at least im not an coconut running through the mind of a banana 

consciousness, unconsciousness tactic tell yourself some shit and above all fucking well breath. do not forget to to inhale exhale inhale exhale normal air not that funny stuff. picture your audience naked and being stabbed to death and the look on their faces if public speaking. never react in anger if there is time to calm the fuck dahn then do ti and make a response when calm and let all teh hatred flow pure and precise not in anger like a werewold unde the you. drink heavily and that is self medicating unless its water ot someother soft. slap. slap face with ownhand. self flagellation. stern talking to in mirror. just fucking scream why even try to remain calm in teh face of adversity. adversity is not remaining calm in the face of you is it, is it, knee it in the groin push it over and kick its fucking head in adversity deserves. talk calmly toadversity, cajole it into a compfortabel lully sleep and cripple it with insight. i didnot get where i am today by allowing adversity to gaze longingly into my eyes, place hand on my shoulder, put its arm around my waist and kiss me gently on the mouth feeling its bitter adversarial coldess make brittle my bones it draw the life out. dead husk now, oh well.

one more damn good hard slap to the face with own hand and get on with it. thats what mother always said. never even saw a banana. saw a pomegranate. ate a pomegranate.ate a granate. ate a ate. filming it. fight scene.