Pine Trees For Cover

Submitted by wallpaper on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 20:48

Sh**ing hard balls in the darkness. Night fell like a soft-boiled egg rolling into the teacup of Bronte's Dinah songs and ballads like a hard-boiled bank of special garden plans in a soft in the center Marxist AK toting Vernon. I spas like a I, my friend then two side by side his two weighted in cupped and heft.

"Remember me", were last words I heard from hem.

" One for the [unintelligible] and one for the [drowned out by honking car horn]", I shouted back over the noise of a pron. Æ old cashiers till kerchinging.  

Into the dark night wented him as the glorious orb eh sol shunned dun upun hun.

Day, it had been been my favourites time of the dawn morning noon afternoon evening was day. I watched him go go furiously interogaqting mysulf who ws huun and how couldun I rmemmber hum I knew nuthum about hum. Nivir has.

In the darkness I saw his head. Still there. and then he was gone over the horizon. "Frund", I remunussed, "uh huv furgutten hum you hur". Sore. A table out here in a field like a crazy farmer's wild trick, no not a table a bale of hey! out here in a field like a sedate farmer's everyday. A tractor, a a farmer, a ground and a as a walk to the woodies i slide deeper into mud. i try standing, the tension of my legs against my armss is intens drag my legs past my arms each time the mud thinckens now i look from the outside like a hard boiled eggg ina mud eggcup. the sky beats down on my thights making the mud thinckerer and depper until i am droewning in it "remember me" i mmble to only audible me within hearshot. "Eeegh",  also a thought.  

In the cold dark light of day like a shone in the dark. Here am i. here am i alone just me regretting my overweight self in the commando i am not struggle fuss in wilderness. Voice hellos like a muzzle crack breaking egg silence i look in all directions at once seeing null straining eyes in the dark. the moon howls, no dog barks, no lights in the distance from passing stranger than. got to pee. wait wait wait. helloing back i whimper afraid to be loud drawing wolf pack savage bear territorial beast to my coordinates. suffer now cannot pee if observed got to get free what keeps me here what gives. walk to edge of grass to stand on roots hide in darkness waiting eternal feels.

i never see a person say hello who never say hello again when i helloed bakc. cake. too many cake fat me. other is in vincinity but who who would be out here it is unreasonable. not seed a soule for days then dawn: ffrund. remember frunt an d lonelieness shrink upon me like balloon expelling air. invigorated reiterated hello null avail. walk that way for hundreds years and soon to be somewhere is theory. the darkne under the boiling baking blistering sun stop s me bipedaling. 

note in pocket reads like anger drubbing bruises into face and body.