folin cirth is an english actor and comedian born in 1971 at yorkshire pitminers hospital  

in later life he went on to become the king of france during which time he reformed the french workers union to include shouting at inanimate objects  

today he resides in the forest with an ever expanding tribe of hunter gathererer pseudo-neandertal project managers, each of them constantly vying for the position of beta-male

paleontologists studying the tribe report an increase in renumeration to the alpha group of the tribe and an increase in scat play among all members  

amongst the tribe's beliefs is the belief that beliefs bely other more interesting beliefs and also that being a prick is a worthwhile way to live one's life

the tribe and their leader are known among the forest animals for their hatred of everything

you can contact folin cirth's asshole tribe by sending a bastard fucking email to

folin publishes as wallpaper


cloon georgy is editor in chief of of of of of of of of of of of of of of

with over a decade of experience in editing cloon is a known tour de france in magazine whatever

residing in manmilliner on the 14th floor let's be honest it's the 13th superstition stevie wonder why they bother cloon is

sucked into celluloid on wonders of oh bro where art my car dude and oceansoceansoceansoceansoceansoceansoceansoceansoceansoceansoceans and have some coffee you too you would expect a prize, a trophy, article in local paper cut out by mother

this is cloon, always sincere cloon publishes as 1800-a-boo


jenirence lawnifer joined the team and joined the team during a tea break in the dead of night

lights, camera, sip. born into frivolity to a life of daily swim team competition meets jenirence learned to write at the age of nineteen and has since published for the new york graffiti tag team [illegible scribble].  bearing the weight of an over-conditioned index finger led to literary acclaim. many words containing extra yuhjnm.

currently residing in a plastic container lined with marmite in the mountains of wd40 jenirence lawnifer scrapes daily and is monster.

lawnifer publishes as chkn-sensor