On being recognised

Submitted by chkn-sensor on Thu, 01/19/2017 - 11:19

People often ask me. And i say to
them. Sometimes they will go on to
discuss. And I will counter with. Many
a time during conversation. It is
during the pauses that. By reading
their facial. Body language has much
to. And in this way meaning can. But
it's not all. Intonation plays a.
Oftentimes it is what is not spoken of

My advice is always to. And in this I
know myself to. You may ask how I
can be so. You ought not to doubt
your. Your greatest strengths come
from. Believe in your. The future is.
So when people say to me. I am able
to tell them that it. They leave me
feeling. And they themselves find a. I
believe this is what it means to.

For this we should be always.